Thrustbearing layshaft 5-speed gearbox
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Thrust bearing for layshaft 5-speed gearbox

V2 Modelswith 5-speed gearbox

V7-Sport, 750-S, 750-S3, 850-T, 850 T3, T4, LM-1, LM-2, 1000-SP, V 1000-G5, Convert, 850 T5, Cali-2, Cali-3, Mille GT, SP-2, SP-3, Cali-1100, Cali-1100 i, Cali-Spezial, Cali-EV, Stone, Jackal, Cali Classic, Vintage, LM-3, LM-1000, 1000-S, 1100-Sport, 1100 Sport ie, Quota, Quota ES, Centauro, Daytona.
! Not for 850 GT and some 850-T models using the brass ring instead of this bearing !