Spark plug Iridium NGK BPR6EIX
14,50 €

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Iridium Spark plug NGK BPR6EIX Cali 3 i.e., Cali-1100, Cali-1100 i, Cali-Spezial, Cali-EV, Stone, Jackal, Cali Classic, Vintage, Aquila Nera, 1100-Sport, 1100 Sport ie, V11, Quota, Quota ES, Griso, Breva, 1200 Sport, Norge.


These sparkplugs are worth the money !
These plugs last twice as ong as normal nickel sparkplugs Not only lower consumption, but also a better start behaviour is achieved. Ideal for carburator models, but also for injector models, the typical engine shudder at partial load is minimized or fixed completely.

The reason:

Due to the extreme temperature resistance of Iridium, the electrode is very narrow. Thus it becomes hotter, removing residues from spark plug perfectly. More fuel-air mixture can be reached by the spark.
A stronger spark is achieved with less energy drawn from the ignition Coils.