From summer 2016 onwards, we could increase the manpower in our workshop. The "one man show", as it existed for 20 years is now reinfoced by a skilled mechanic, who has 20 years of Moto Guzzi experience himself. This allows us to complete restaurations within a reasonable timespan in the usual HMB quality. Also, our machine park was expanded. Not only to be more independent concering delay of suppliers, also to maintain our quality standards when it comes to machining or producing parts. As chinese parts are flooding the market, it is compulsary for us to produce certain parts ourselves.  In the shop, these parts can be found here: HMB Exclusive.  In summary, this means that we can provide quality restaurations from a single source. We are better than ever positioned to restore your Guzzi !


We will gladly restore your Guzzi and any V twin Guzzi can serve as the basic vehicle. We might even have a restorable basic bike on stock, so you would be able to get your reliable and fully restored vintage Guzzi without already having a vehicle yourself.

A restoration by us always means:

Complete dismantling of the bike and complete re-build from scratch.
After the restoration, the vehicle will be in an as-new condition, regardless of year of build. This includes of course the improvements of the later models (materials used for cylinders, bearings etc).
We put special emphasis on everyday usability and original condition as far as possible – no contradiction, when the work is carried out properly.
Tasks undertaken during a restoration:
    - Complete dismantling of the vehicle  
    - Visual work, e.g. painting, bead blasting of aluminium parts
    - Powder coating or painting of frame
    - Engine re-build, complete with new bearings, pistons and coated cylinders
    - Engine optimisation and performance increase on request, please refer to Tuning
    - Overhaul the cylinder heads (lead free)
    - Replace clutch (without any juddering!)
    - Timing chain with automatic tensioner
    - Replace all perishable parts, e.g. seals and gaskets
    - Complete gearbox overhaul, including new bearings and improvements to original design faults
    - Measure forks, replace steering head bearings
    - Complete overhaul of brake system including new brake pads
    - Re-mount and if necessary re-centre chassis and wheels
    - Replace tyres
    - Replace or repair wiring harness and electrics
    - Replace rubber parts
    - General measures to ensure everyday usability   

Of course, the experience of our manufactory engines can be applied to your engine, please see: Engine Manufactory

There are too many individual steps involved to describe them all in detail on this website, so if you have any specific questions, please ring us or send an e-mail.  Contact us   
We strongly believe in a comprehensive initial talk in order to define the scope of the restoration.
Great improvements can often be achieved by just some small changes to the original factory designs. This compromise between reliability and originality varies from case to case and should be discussed individually.



Restoration example 1: Restauration einer 850 T3 Polizia

Restoration example 2: Restauration/Umbau einer T3

Restoration example 3: Restauration T3-California

Restoration example 4: Restauration750-S3

Press reports to our restorations can be found here.