Quality and Transparency at HMB

We do our very best to deliver high quality products only.
Original parts are not always at hand, sometimes we have to settle with aftermarkert spare parts. Unfortunately, not all the parts are of good quality. Sometimes, competitors even use the original part number for a low quality replacement, without labelling the product accordingly.
For saftey relevant parts, we only stock high quality parts. For less critical parts, cheaper production parts can save money.
Our main idea is to show quality differences between "identical" products.

For us, trancparency means: A clear part number, containing the country of origin!

Normally, the part number contains 8 digits.

  • Without any additions, an original part.
  • If there is the addition "ZX", the "Z" shows that it is an aftermarket part, the "X" shows the producing country.
ZD  = Germany
ZI  = Italy
ZE  = Europe
ZO  = Eastern Europe
ZC  = China

For Example:

12001200  Gasket as original part
12001200-ZE  Gasket made in EU
12001200-ZC  Gasket made in China
12001200-ZI  Gasket made in Italy

If there is a better alternative, this is also shown.

The following icons are used to point out certain product features or properties:

Only available at HMB-GUZZI Only available at HMB-GUZZI.
Made by HMB Products made by HMB.
Hint General hints.
Caution Caution.
Information Further information or link to an alternative part.

Secondhand parts:
They are marked with red text, the part number ends with "-G"
They are supposed to be an alternative to expensive, or rare original parts. Low quality far east part can also be substituted in this way, without any quality losses.

Our secondhand parts are tested ! You will not find scrap here, as we place scrap where it belongs... in the big bin.