Press Reports

Our conversion, tuning and restoration projects have been featured in several German motorcycle magazines.

By clicking on the images you can see/read extracts from these reports (German language only.)

  Nürnberger Nachrichten, 30.06.2018

   CNC4you, 1/2016 (Bericht zu unseren Fräs- bzw. Tuningteilen)

   Motorrad News, März 2009 (850 LM-1)

   Zweirad, Juli 2008 (Scura 1100)

   Motalia, September2008 (Scura 1100)

   Motorrad News 3/2007(1000 SP)

   Oldtimer Markt 08/2006 (750 S3)

   Motorrad News 12/2005(Restauration/Tuning S3 Replica)

   Motorrad News 06/2005 (Tuning V11-Sport)

   Motorrad News 4/2002(HMB Roadster)

   Oldtimer Markt 06/2000(Bericht 850 Le Mans)

   MOTORRAD 23/2000 (Vergleich 850 Le Mans/V11)

   Oldtimer Markt 10/1997(Bericht V7 Sport)