Cylinder Kit 93mm LM-1000, 1000-S 1. series
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Big Bore Cylinder Kit, 93mm bore, displacement 1060 cc.

Until now, there were little possibilities to upgrade the 850/948 cc displacement of original engines. Many problems ocurred, varying quality, availíbility, piston weight etc. made it difficult. Even the well known 88mm cylinder kits had their drawbacks, as piston weight increased, a lighter piston pin could not compensate it all. Depending on where these kits were made, quality and piston weight varied a lot...getting worse.
92mm cylinder kits of the later models are not ayailable anymore, not even original piston rings are currently available. Even if they were available, cumbustion chamber rework and rebalancing of crank (this means the complete engine deassembly) would be necessary to use these cylinder kits. A pity, because the guzzi crank drive is very reliable and hardly needs opening.

Time to act !

Unlike the old fashioned stock approach, our new design includes a state of the art lightweight piston with narrow piston rings to reduce friction. The piston is coated with a special low friction coating for maximum saftey in all conditions. Engine balancing is obsolete due to low piston weight, comparable to the original 83mm Piston. 500 grams including rings and pin allow smooth operation like a stock pistons, combined with significantly more torque and power. Due to the bigger bore, the squish area of the combustion chamber improves as well, again gaining torque and power.

We have a developed this cylinder kit, that is not only superior concerning displacement, to fit a LM-1000 engine ( and similar) perfectly, plug and play. Very much like our combustion chamber rework option, cylinder length is adjusting is standard here, to obtain perfect squishband and compression. The cylinders are rebored originals, nickasil plated, machined  and honed to perfection in germany. Pistons and cylinders are of course induvidually paired for perfect clearance and durability.
As all parts are made by us, every single part is available as a spare part. This kit is of course compatible to our D-8.1 camshaft kit, for those who like even more "thrust".
Finally, we offer a correct carb setup, according to your specific bike, taking carbs, exhausts and other modifications into account. This rounds off a modern concept for old bikes and the people that still have a lot of fun with them !

If in doubt, please call or write for more information.

LM-1000, 1000-S 1. series. Basically: All square engines with 40/47mm valves.

Kit includes: 1 93mm cylinder, 1 Piston, 3 piston rings, 1 pin, 2 pin clips, 1 base gasket, 1 head gasket

info 100% german made by HMB

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