Combustion Chamber rework
329,00 €

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Shipping time: 12 - 14 workdays

Combustion Chamber rework.

To optimise the squish-band, we have to shorten the cylinders. This is the only way to ensure a thorough mixture of fuel and air. We then measure the volumes of the combustion chambers to achieve the correct compression ratio, balanced for both cylinders. This also compensates for tolerance differences in the components and ensures that the engine runs more quietly. It also reduces emissions and enhances fuel consumption. In the sport engines with a bore of 92 mm (1100 Sport, V11 Sport) the squish-band is machined at an angle for emission reasons, but this leads to a noticeable torque loss at medium revs. Here, we can compensate for a lot by reworking the combustion chamber. Depending on camshaft type, the combustion chamber is reworked with regard to valve play and the valve pockets.

Price is for on pair of cylinders, cylinder heads.

info For this service, please send us: Pistons, cylinders, cylinder heads.