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Amazing Finds

Some examples of what we deal with in our everyday work.

Diesel does not work in a guzzi...

The money saved on the conrod screws was not really invested well...

There are more modern chain-tensioners available these days. The rubber debris of this one was all over the engine.

Steel cages of gearbox bearings often break, causing big damage. The old type with plastic bearings were no better, but the TVH type bearing we have now does not cause these Problems anymore.

Not every camshaft is suited for every engine. In this case, a valve "made" its way into the piston...

And here, the cam followers "Superlight". Even the engine housing had to replaced after this attempt.

Mice love airboxes.

The universal Gasket, made to suit all engines.

Single disc clutch, killed by the raw power of a non tuned California-2.

Some people ride, not noticing the noises... until the swinging arm warps because of the heat caused by a completely damaged universal joint.

The discs of this georbox bearing were changed around. But not all of them are hardened.

All the nuts in a gearbox must be fastened. If not, the shaft moves...

Twin plug conversion...very "professinally" done

Valve springs should be adapted to the used camshft, unless...

Bearings should not be mounted with a hammer. The inner ring ware broken 5 times...

Slight losses for teeth.

This V11 was only one year old, when she was customized...Believe it or not, it was a Moto Guzzi contract dealer.

Oil cooler removed, deep sump mounted. Nothing to say against the deep sump, if the dipstick is adapted. This was not the case, this guy was riding with 1,2 Litres of oil..

Where is the regulator ?

This will cause Problems soon.

such as this...

and this...

Die Verkabelung zum Anlasser ist ebenso abenteuerlich. Die schwarze Leitung wurde reingebastelt um die Anlassersperre zu umgehen. Diese Leitung wurde einfach quer durch das ganze Motorrad gezogen, ohne weitere Schutzummantelung. Die Leitung hatte Verbindung zum Dauerplus oben am Anlasser. Kein Wunder daß der Anlasser hin und wieder während der Fahrt einspurte. Wahrlich kein schönes Geräusch. Die Stahlflexleitung vom

Not all spares are of high quality.

Brake hoses should not get close to battery +

Isn´t it logical ? If the carbs are tilted, then the floats must be tilted as well.

Loose rotor magnets caused this

Nice "foreign" manufacturered model

We could not believe it. But brake pads can be mounted the wrong way round...

Nope, diesel does not work. At least not for long. This guy accidentally rode with diesel, did not get very far.

When its time to replace something, then its time....

This is not just a rubber glove...

Its a car regulator adapted to Guzzi.

If you are missing screws, find them before this happens...

Grinding a crankshaft should only be done to Moto Guzzi specifications.

Another attempt to save weight...this time the duplex timing chain was converted to simplex.

As everyone knows, left and right sparkplugs may never be mixed up... Therefore, these were lettered by someone.